Leading Festivals in Belgium to Attend During Your Belgian Holidays

Belgium might be a little nation but it has many fascinating sights worth checking out, such as the Grand Place or the captivating middle ages homes in Bruges. It is even much better to see throughout the many celebrations in Belgium so you can participate in the abundant Belgian culture and the vibrant environment.


Among the most significant celebrations in Belgium is the GentseFeesten, which occurs in the city of Ghent. Initially started in 1832, the celebration lasts for 10 days and includes numerous musical shows, theatre performances and street acts from mimickers, clowns and puppeteers.

The Carnival of Binche

The Carnival of Binche is another important Belgian celebration. In fact, it has been noted as a World Heritage occasion. The emphasis of the carnival is a procession of clowns called Gilles, who march through the streets to the noise of drums while tossing oranges at the crowd.


For a lesson in Belgian history or a view of Middle Ages pageantry, seeing the Ommegang in Brussels is a must. The Ommegang is among the most incredible celebrations in Belgium which stages the procession of different queens such as Emperor Charles V, Prince Philip, the Prince of Orange, Queen Eleanor and Queen Mary of Austria. It happens at the Town Hall in Brussels in early July.

Marriage of Goliath

You can also look to see the Marriage of Goliath, a celebration of twenty-foot giants, in Ath. Aside from the towering famous and scriptural figures, there is also a parade of vibrant drifts, in addition to a theatrical re-enactment of the fight in between David and Goliath.

Rock Werchter

If you’re a music fan, think about participating in the Rock Werchter, among the very best musical celebrations in Belgium and all over the world. Here, you can invest whole days dancing and rocking with fellow music lovers while listening to the finest alternative rock and pop bands from all over the world.

International Bathtub Regatta

If you’re after a more special experience, on the other hand, you are welcome to watch the International Bathtub Regatta at Dinant. This celebration includes a fluvial parade of embellished tubs of all types and sizes, not only from Belgium but from surrounding nations, also.

In December, you can also sign up with the Christmas Beer Festival in Essen where you can get your fill of the finest winter season beers from Western Europe. Undoubtedly, no matter what time of the year it is, you’re sure to join the celebrations in Belgium, so do not be reluctant to check out the next time you have a possibility.